Request For Qualifications


The Foundation is issuing a Request For Qualifications (“RFQ”) for qualified and experienced Researchers to conduct research related to project management, procurement advancements, and organizational transformation to meet the Foundation’s mission. 


The Foundation’s focus is in producing meaningful research findings that can be applied by as many organizations, governments, and people as possible, and to help bring about positive and lasting improvement in organizational efficiency and complex supply chains. Examples of the research include: exploration of how organizations can better adopt change and more successfully apply new technologies, processes and tools; examination of what education models and approaches work best for skills and knowledge transfer in non-stable organizational structures; studies into how public parties interact in supply chains and share information across the life-cycle of a project or services; analysis of key decision making and factors that affect the use of resources; and mapping of high performance approaches and delivery methods to outcome optimization for projects and services.


Key Dates




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RFQ Released 

Proposal Due Date (by 2:00 pm Central Time) (Deadline to submit the Proposal)

Review Submissions and Shortlisting (optional)

Proposal Discussion with Shortlisted Researchers (Principal Investigator) (optional)

Clarification of Responses if Needed

Recommendation for Award



This RFP seeks to establish in-place agreements with leading researchers at high quality universities to facilitate rapid response to funded research opportunities.  We encourage all eligible universities to participate in this program.  The Foundation does not have a predetermined minimum or maximum number of Proposers that will be qualified into this Program.  The number of qualified Proposers will depend on the quality of the submissions.



Review the full RFQ for eligibility requirements.