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The Simplar Foundation is pleased to announce a free new interactive web series, “Ask the FM Doctor”, sponsored by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). In this first-of-its-kind virtual discussion, facility experts provide practical advice in addressing today’s operations, maintenance, workplace management, and procurement challenges. Here’s how it works:

• Teaching Moment (15 minutes): the FM Doctor will kick things off with a brief presentation targeted at a specific topic

FM Virtual Peer Group (30 minutes): next, we will split up into small groups and give attendees an opportunity to network with each other and have a discussion on a relevant topic. Learn More [links to the FM Virtual Peer group description]

• Ask the FM Doctor – Office Hours (15 minutes or until the questions run out!): we’ll come back together for an open Q&A session. Have a challenging contract renewal? Have a unique situation with O&M?  Bring your questions and let’s get it figured out!

Third Tuesday of every month starting at 12:00pm Central US Time (GMT -06:00).

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Budgeting for Facility Costs – Recommendations for Responding to High Inflation, Supply Chain Delays, and Workforce Shortages

The headwinds are strong – 2023 is going to be a fiscally challenging years for many facility professionals. We will discuss the latest market data and provide specific recommendations on how the savvy facility manager can budget for the future in uncertain financial times.



Developing an Effective Statement of Work (SOW) for Operations & Service Contracts

Developing a clear Statements of Work (SOW) can be challenging. We will discuss the (surprisingly simple!) elements of an effective SOW. Templates for developing SOWs will be provided, along with tangible examples from a variety of facility contracts and construction projects will be shared (e.g., custodial, maintenance, design/construction, waste management, business services, and more).



Buying the Right FM Technology Solution for your Organization

Buying a new facilities technology solution is really frustrating for a lot of people! We will highlight the results of a new guidebook on FM Technology Procurement best practices. We will discuss strategies to conduct an effective procurement process, and review actual case studies for buying CMMS, Work Order Management, and other solutions.



Return to the Office: Latest Trends, Developments, and Practices

Is your organization thinking or has recently brought people back to the office? Be sure to attend this session to hear the lessons learned from your peers!



Environmental, Social, and Governance – What Every FM Needs to Know

ESG is an increasingly important topic for facility professionals everywhere. We will discuss the latest development in ESG standards, how FMs can get ready, and preparing your organization to adopt the best practices.



Succession Planning and Knowledge Management: Tackle What Seems Like an Uphill Battle

Facility management industry is facing a succession planning and labor force crisis. As many seasoned FM professionals begin retiring, there will be a palatable lack of the institutional knowledge that these individuals possess. We will discuss the tools available to make successful workforce retainment a reality.




Facility Condition Assessment Boot Camp: Practical Tools to Get Your Portfolio Squared Away!

Facitlity Condition Assessments (FCAs) help the savvy FM understand their assets relative to property value. While the tools has been around for decades, many facility managers struggle in effectively evaluating their asset deficiencies. We will discuss the results of the latest reseach project in delivering an effective Facility Conditions Assessments!



Educational Opportunities and Credentials for the Aspiring Facility Professional

Training and education for facility managers is of great importance.  We discuss what the future of FM education will look like, resources available, training models, and much more.



Recommendations for Today’s Labor Shortages in Facility Management

You are not alone – facility professionals everywhere struggle to find qualified technicians and managers. The solution is to start considering the ‘human factor’ as we adopt leadership strategies to find future talent. It’s not just about “filling the seats on the bus” – we need to find the right people for the right seat if we are to have any chance to sustain our workforce.




Finding the One: Identifying Future High Performers in FM

We discuss the results of IFMA’s newest tool: human dimensions and profiles of facility professionals! We will discuss how facility leaders can improve their ability to identify future top talent early in their careers, and customize talent development based upon each individuals’ specific traits, personality, and aptitudes.



Easy Pickings: Save Time, Money and Gray Hair in Hiring the Right Vendors

Hiring industry partners is one of the most common things that FM’s do… but how often do they not meet expectations? Nothing will make you work harder and longer than hiring the “wrong person”. We will show you three powerful tools that will make your next contractor selection a refreshing experience.



Using Drones to Inspect Roofs and Buildings – Don’t Break a Leg!

Drones can be used to conduct inspections of roofs or other hazardous areas, survey overall site layouts, and more. We wil review the recommended drones specifically for facility managers, costs, training requirements, and applicable laws.


Virtual Peer Groups

The Virtual Peer Groups provide attendees an opportunity to network in one of four areas below. We’ll provide a suggested topic, and invite attendees to provide feedback and advice with each other.

Peer GroupDescription
Operations & MaintenanceTalk shop and all things technical. Not sure how to fix a nagging problem? Need recommendations for your preventative maintenance program?
TechnologyAll things IT including software, hardware, system integrator, and more.
ProcurementStatement of Work Development, Creating a Good RFP (janitorial, roofing, maintenance, elevators, the list goes on…)
WorkplaceSpace planning, return to work, hybrid models, future planning, helping employees be more productive… ask your questions and give advice!


After each Teaching Moment, we’ll post the recording here. Check back soon!