Welcome to the Homepage of the IFMA Technology Report!

Next Steps for Volunteers:

STEP 1: Please watch this brief (< 5min) video for a summary of the research study objectives:

Watch the Video

STEP 2: Kick-Off Meeting 

• Timeslots are: January 11th (6:00pm UTC); January 12th (2:00am UTC); January 13th (12:00pm noon UTC)
• Please RSVP to brianlines@ku.edu with your preferred timeslot
  (or let us know if none of the timeslots work for you)
• Agenda:
• Overview of the study’s purpose & scope
• Outline of next steps
• Discuss opportunities for Volunteers to participate
• Schedule 1-on-1 discussions with Volunteers
• Additional Questions-and-Answers

STEP 3: Interviews with Volunteers 

• To be scheduled after the Kick-Off Meeting